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Top 10 Reasons that your Car AC isn’t Cooling Enough

You are all set for a road trip in the summer weekend; but all of a sudden you realise that your car AC is not working properly in the midst of the highway. Or is the car AC not cooling enough? What’s next?

Top 10 Reasons that your Car AC isn't Cooling Enough
Top 10 Reasons that your Car AC isn’t Cooling Enough

Surely you can’t afford to get boiled in the heat! The temperature outside is closer to 100 degrees and the heated-up engine goes on blowing heated air inside your vehicle. Moreover, finding a service centre or a mechanic in the midst of almost nowhere is difficult.

Believe me, nothing can be a spoiler than this, for ruining the weekend trip that you’ve been planning for a long time! That’s one of the reasons for which you need to know the factors that can be the probable culprits for affecting your car AC. let’s take a deep insight through some of those, here are 10 reasons that your car AC isn’t cooling enough:

  1. Is car AC cooling low? Mould and Mildew Build-up

    Top 10 Reasons that your Car AC isn't Cooling Enough
    Top 10 Reasons that your Car AC isn’t Cooling Enough

    When we tend to keep the car AC On for a long time, small microorganisms can block the AC vents. These bacteria can block the AC vent and affect the cooling procedure. When this happens, no matter how much you try, the vents don’t work properly. It’s one of the reasons for which your car AC is not cooling the cabin properly.

    To avoid one such threat, it’s better to take the car for servicing at least after 5-6 months. A periodic service not only clears the AC duct, but it also evades common dust particles and other microorganisms like bacteria and moulds to grow and propagate on a rapid scale.

    It’s not only a hygienic remedy but also a smart way to maintain the durability of your car Air Conditioner thereby adding longer life span to your car air cooler.

  2. Is car AC cooling low? Electric Issues might be the reason

    An unwanted short circuit in the electrical unit is another unexpected reason for which your car AC may stop working.

    It’s a common thing in maximum vehicles these days. If you’re living in a climate where the outside temperature tends to go above and beyond 45 degrees, the electrical wires might get hot enough and cause a short circuit in the internal wiring.

    There’s a smart DIY repair work to evade such inconvenience. Analyze the area where the wire has been shot, seal it with an electricity resistant tape and join the other end with the connecting wire. However, you can also take the car to an authorized car repairing workshop to get that done. If your car insurance covers the same then its tie for you to sit back and relax and let the experts do there job.

    At times, it might not be possible for you to diagnose the problem, and if you misplace or dislocate the wire while running a DIY repair work, you may cause more harm to the electrical circuit installed inside. You may have to flood a bulk amount of dollars to meet the repair expenses.

  3. Is car AC cooling low? AC Refrigerant Leak

    Leakage in the refrigerant is another cause for which your car AC may not work. Actually, the refrigerant keeps your cabin cool. In maximum cases, this has been seen that leaking in the refrigerant is a usual cause for the car AC to malfunction.

    Such troubles pop-up when your car meets an unexpected accident. The AC hose leaks from the joints and it’s very hard to point out where the damage has been caused. The oily substance that gathers around the hose indicates leakage in the refrigerant. In short, your refrigerant is damaged and you need to get that repaired.

    It’s better if you avoid doing it yourself, as you don’t know how to handle the technical problem and which is the root cause for one such trouble. So consider hiring an authorized car mechanic to repair it before setting out for a long drive.

  4. Is car AC cooling low? Condenser Blocked/Broken

    A broken condenser is another genuine cause for which your car AC may not work properly. It’s that particular unit in your car that keeps the refrigerant cool and then flows through the blower by converting the hot air into cool air.

    That air blows through the AC vents which you breathe inside the car. It’s located in front of the grille. If there’s any trouble in it, you can locate the grille and diagnose it easily. If there’s a blockage and there’s some debris or dust found in it the issue may overheat the car. The heated air that constantly blows through the vent inside your vehicle, may damage the condenser if it’s not taken care seriously.

    Such issues take sufficient load on car’s AC engine eventually it may affect the air cooler of your vehicle. So you better be careful!

    The wise decision is to take the car to a professional car repairing centre that’s authorized to repair similar car models.

  5. Faulty Compressor

    Well, we all know what roll compressor play in AC systems of your vehicle. It keeps the AC running and if malfunctions, the refringent won’t circulate properly. It will blow in Hot Air inside the vehicle. It’s a common scenario when you start car AC after a long time, say for two to three months (especially during the winter months). During the summertime when you need to use the AC, the compressors might misbehave to work properly, after remaining not in use for a prolonged time period.

    If you’re switching on your AC of your vehicle after a long time, say for 15-20 minutes, irrespective of the weather outside, the compressors are expected to work properly.

  6. Blown up Fuse

    Burnt fuse is another reason for affecting your car AC cooling. In order to diagnose the problem, the AC fuse must be replaced. It not only stops the compressor, rather spreads hot air inside the cabin. Apart from that one blown-up fuse might affect the entire circuit installed inside your car thereby affecting the healthy switches in the circuit board of your car. It’s one of the reasons why your car needs a reliable mechanic if it shows any such syndrome whenever you’re trying to access the AC.

    Replacing the AC fuse in the circuit-box is not a big deal. An expert’s consent can help however to evade similar troubles affecting your car in future.

  7. Faulty AC Blower

    Faulty blower vents are another reason for which the inconvenient car AC cooling. It’s one of the reasons why it’s important to diagnose the blower vents after a specific time span of 6 to 8 months.

    You can also run a DIY diagnosis however to realize how good is it working. Use your hand palms in front of your AC vents and feel the speed of airflow within your hands. If everything sounds good, the air cooler is working perfectly fine. If not, the blower will not spin at the required speed and you’re going to feel it on your hand palm. That’s when you need a mechanic to fix a technical issue like this up.

  8. Damaged Compressor Belt

    Top 10 Reasons that your Car AC isn't Cooling Enough
    Top 10 Reasons that your Car AC isn’t Cooling Enough

    The compressor needs a lot of power and energy to work fully functioning. If the compressor gets weak or worn out by constant usage then there is a noticeable lack of energy in compressor which leads to AC malfunctioning. Week Compressor belts prevent your car from starting it up. Those compressor belts usually drive the power and energy functioning in your vehicle. When it malfunctions, the Air Conditioner does not work as it’s expected.

    It is highly recommended to get it repaired from an authorized car repair workshop or store and get the compressor belts changed as soon as possible.

    Any negligence in that part can reduce the life of the Air Conditioner and the engine life of your vehicle as well.
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  9. Clogged Cabin Air Filter

    Top 10 Reasons that your Car AC isn't Cooling Enough
    Top 10 Reasons that your Car AC isn’t Cooling Enough

    It can be one of the general issues if AC is not cooling enough. You can diagnose it by yourself. Just Open a dashboard holder and remove the Cabin filter if it is dirty then this is the reason that it is reducing the Air inflow to the cabin properly. If so, it is time to get it changed.

    You can do it by yourself just purchase a genuine Cabin Filter and replace it with an old one and voila you are good to go. If you are still facing the same issue then you should pay a visit to the certified workshop.

  10. Engine Overheating may be the cause too

    Top 10 Reasons that your Car AC isn't Cooling Enough
    Top 10 Reasons that your Car AC isn’t Cooling Enough

    An overheated engine will make the fan in the radiator ineffective always. It will not only stop the condenser from cooling the vehicle as well as the maximum efficiency of the refrigerant will be used to blow in hot air inside the car.

    Getting professional’s assistance is always better to evade one such trouble as it will further help your vehicle to avoid further trouble associated with air conditioner machine installed in your vehicle.

  11. Faulty AC actuator 

    A number of times this has been noticed that whenever the AC is blown in the car at the maximum, the air flaps tend to open.

    When it happens in a vehicle for a long time and often a mistake like this is ignored, hot air from outside dilutes the effect of AC slowing down the air that’s flowing inside your car.

    It’s one of the reasons why a number of car owners come down to authorized car servicing workshops and stores for repairing their AC machines.
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    When children are travelling in the car playfully they may switch on/off the AC switches. One such frequent pressure in the engines might affect the air conditioning system in the vehicle thereby breaking the condenser.

    At times the condenser gets too old and when it’s not repaired or maintained for a long time, there are higher chances that the condenser to has broken.

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These are some of the most genuine causes that might affect your car when your car Air Conditioner has not been used for a pretty long time.

Make sure they’re checked well before you set out for a weekend or a holiday trip where you have to drive a long distance in a humid tropical climate.

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